In the month of February, students have been working on several projects.  
Landmark Challenge -  The students have chosen their landmark and have written 9 clues about this landmark. In March, they will build a model to scale.  To learn more click here.
Doodle For Google-  Integrating with art, the students have been preparing their Doodle for this annual competition.  They have learned about perspective, value, and blending.  All the students have written stories about their theme for their drawing.  To learn more click here.
Civil Rights  - the students have been working hard on performing a reader's theater about Rosa Park and the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  As part of this unit students learned about writing persuasion letters. 



Karen Marks
02/15/2013 4:43am

Congratulations everyone on your volunteer awards from the Lions Club! You are all doing such amazing things in fourth grade. Keep up the great work!


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